NBI Clearance Fees | How much is the NBI Clearance?

How much is the NBI Clearance Fees?

It is necessary to complete NBI Clearance Payment in order to get your National Bureau of Investigation Clearance and that’s too in an accurate amount. Now, if you are searching for How much is the payment for NBI Clearance? I suggest you take a look at this article and get the right idea about the NBI Clearance Application Fees.

NBI Clearance Fee

How much is the NBI Clearance Fees

NBI Payment Fee shown below includes all the charges including NBI Clearance Application Fees, NBI Service Fees, Payment Center Service Charges.

NBI Clearance Application Purpose

How much is the fee for NBI Clearance?

Local Employment, Gender Change, For Punishment or probation, Custom’s Pass ID, Student Visa, Lateral Entry, Seaman, Seawoman’s Book, Correction of Date of Birth, Enlistment AFP, For Promotion, Enlistment PNP, ID Purposes, BID, CA, LTO, NSO, PNP, SSS, DND, DOT , Marriage and Other Requirement PHP 170
Travel Abroad, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Saipan, Singapore, Central America, Europe, Hongkong, Libya, Micronesia, Middle East, New Zealand, North America, Palau, Self Deportation, Immigration Requirement, Visa Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Visa Seaman, Seawoman, USA, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, South America, Taiwan, USA, Passport Renewal, For Deportation. PHP 170
Business Requirement, Name Changing, Firearms Carrying Permissions or Firearms License, Adoption NFA, POEA, PRA, SEC, NTC, ACR Requirement, Special Investor’s Residence Visa PHP 170
Naturalization, Cancellation of Alien Certificate Of Registration (ACR), Repatriation PHP 170

How much is the NBI Clearance Renewal?

NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Process will cost PHP 355 including PHP 130 clearance fee, PHP 200 express delivery fee and PHP 25 e-payment service fee. The applicants must note here that express delivery charges may vary accordingly the address.

Hopefully, this post will give you an exact idea for How much is the NBI Clearance Fees to the applicants who are applying for the National Bureau of Investigation Clearance. If you have any other issues concerning NBI Clearance Online Application then comment on your issues below and get online help from us here at nbi-clearance.info.

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