How to pay NBI Clearance via 7-Eleven?

NBI Clearance Payment thru 7-Eleven

It is very necessary to pay NBI Clearance in order to get a clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation and 7-Eleven is one of the convenient ways to complete NBI Clearance Payment. It is very easy to complete the NBI Clearance Application Payment through 7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosks options available at the 7/11 stores.

Now, 7-Eleven are one of the most convenience stores and the store are available probably everywhere. Well, Local banks and Bayad center also accepts the applicant’s NBI Application Payments. But the applicants who do not have an accessible bank account find the 7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosk NBI Application Payments more convenient.

One must make sure that completion of NBI Clearance Application Online step is the very first step whether to pay NBI Clearance or to get the clearance. Now, if you have already completed the NBI Application Online step then follow the steps shown below to complete NBI Payment instantly.

STEP: 1. Find “7-Eleven Store Near Me” at 7/11 Store Locator and visit the store.

First of all, the applicant has to visit the nearest 7-Eleven store to visit. Visit any of the nearby stores and ask the cashier if the Cliqq kiosk is available or not.

STEP: 2. Now, go to Cliqq kiosk Screen and select to pay.

Once you go to the touch screen, locate an option available as BILLS PAYMENT on your screen. Many options to pay your bills will pop up on your screen with different logos. Locate the option available as NBI on your screen and click on it.

7-Eleven NBI Payments

STEP: 3. Enter NBI information to complete the NBI Payment.

You will be directed to the next screen on clicking on the NBI Payment option. The applicant will be asked to enter the following required details on the screen. Enter the following details very carefully and correctly.

  • NBI Application Reference Number
  • Contact Number
  • Amount (Exact Amount)

7-Eleven NBI Payments

STEP: 4. Verify the details and get your NBI Payment Receipt printed.

Once done, click the NEXT button in order to complete your payments. The applicants are always suggested to check the entered details very carefully and one must note here that you will not be getting any refunds if paid through wrong information. Now, recheck the NBI Application Payments information you have entered by clicking the NEXT button and get your payment receipt printed. 

7-Eleven NBI Payments

STEP: 5. Go to the 7-Eleven Cashier and pay.

In the end, the applicant has to go to the cashier, show the receipt and pay for the amount. AND IT’S DONE 🙂 !!!!

NBI Fee Payment additional tips

  • One must recheck the personal details before getting the slip printed and complete the payments.
  • Also, never forget to take NBI Payment Receipt from the store. The applicant will need to show up the NBI Appointment Center with this receipt.

The applicants who still have any troubles in completing the NBI Clearance Payment step or if unable to get National Bureau of Investigation Clearance, comment NBI Application issues below and get online help from us here at

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